About Me

ma-ma in-som-ni-a
1: The inability to sleep after you have kids.
Often caused by crying & screaming (by you or said kids), worry, illness, the need to clean, cook, pee, shower, or fulfill some other basic need
2: the desire to have one quiet moment to yourself even if it means forgoing precious sleep


Welcome to my nest!

I started this blog in 2009 after the birth of my son as a way to journal the many ways my life was changing. When I quit my full time job as a merchandiser to stay at home with Jack, I suffered a brief identity crisis and turned to blogging even more. I've always had the writing bug and the more I blogged the more I needed to blog.

So now that we've gotten through the formalities lets talk about what you can find here, which is pretty much anything & everything and includes but is not limited to:
-the adventures and sometimes misadventures that are my life
-celebrity gossip
-crafty, DIY projects
-the occasional fictional piece of creative writing
-sometimes obnoxious posts about how wonderful my child is
-rants and raves

So pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.

If you don't like today's post, come back tomorrow.
I'm sure it will be something completely different.

I'm an ever changing 30-something still looking to "find" myself, so I'm an open book.
I hope you enjoy reading!!

I appreciate the visit and I hope you like what you see here.
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