Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Comeback??

Don't call it a comeback.
No, really. Don't.
Cause if you have ever followed this blog for any amount of time than you know, consistency is not my strong suit.
At any rate, I've taken a step back from working and have a little more time in my hands so I thought it might be worth it to try and take a stab at this whole blog thing again. We'll see where it takes us!

At my last entry I talked about the 21 Day fix, which lasted all of 21 minutes.
Honestly, it seems easy enough, but as a mom of 2 picky eaters and a husband with crazy work hours, this plan was not for me.
On the positive side, I will say that the workouts are awesome. For being as short as they are, they require little to no equipment and are effective and motivating.
The idea of the program seems easy, but you really need to plan out your eating strategy in depth to be successful. This is not the kind of diet you can just pick up on the fly. I appreciate the idea of eating clean, it just doesn't totally work for us right now. That said, even at a fail, the program did inspire me to look at ways to cut out processed foods here and there and make healthier choices.

So right now, I have shed a few, just at a slower place than I would like. Hopefully I can stay on the right track through the Fall/Winter. Those are my critical months. Football season is my downfall! All that beer and dips and chips and other game day food, isn't exactly healthy and slimming food. We shall see what the future holds.

My wish for this blog going forward is to be a sounding board for products and other treats I've tried and my reviews of them. True to MamaInsomnia form, I of course will sprinkle in randomness here and there, but in the meantime I hope to find recipes, products and other goodies you will enjoy and be your own personal guinea pig!

Who is with me?