Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day part deux

So even though I barely ever post, last years Valentines day post has picked up a little bit of steam thanks to Pinterest.

This year Jack wanted shovels.

What the what?

Anyways, I hate to disappoint the kid and short of buying actual shovels, I whipped out my Silhouette Cameo. ( it is truly the best thing ever) and after a little brainstorming and internet searching, I came up with this:
 On the back I put a label and printed out Jackson's name so he could trace it. He has been doing really well at tracing and learning how to write his name so I wanted to incorporate that into his Valentines this year. Here he is working hard:

Here is the back:
They were a little more work than last years, but Jack loved them and they cost me nothing but a little time, so they were a win in my book too!
If you want to get a fancy cutting machine for yourself, I got mine on Amazon.
I have also created a spinoff blog where I will promote food, recipes and party/entertaining ideas. I'm still working on getting it all put together but if you'd like to head on over and visit, you can sign up to follow it. That was once it gets up and moving , you'll be the first to know! It's called Mama's Tasty Bites and I hope to see you there!