Friday, July 19, 2013


Ahh the Dog Days of Summer. (PS, did you know that this saying has absolutely nothing to do with actual dogs?)
If you read my blog, then you may have noticed I have taken a break. I would say a summer break, but I think my last post was sometime at the beginning of April so I suppose that is not a valid excuse.
To be fair April started out real sucky. Imagine all 4 members of your household hit with a horrible stomach virus at the same time.
Now imagine it happening on your birthday.

Luckily, after we all recovered the weather here in the Midwest started to get nice. And so blogging once again jumped to my last priority.

Since then Summer has been full of changes for the better.

We joined our local YMCA which we are LOVING! Jack has been taking swim lessons and some sports classes, Nolan is getting used to playing in the Kids Center and Kev and I are enjoying the Fitness Center.

We also took our first real family vacation! We headed up to The Hampton's of the Midwest aka, Wisconsin Dells! We had a great time at Great Wolf Lodge and the boys couldn't get enough of the water slides.

I have also taken on a new venture. My mom got me hooked on Tastefully Simple products and I love them so much that I signed on to be a consultant in May. I swore to myself I wouldn't get into direct sales, but I love this company so much, I can honestly say I do it more for the product that the money. (Though a little extra spending money each month is really nice)

If you have never heard of Tastefully Simple, their motto is "The Food You Love, The Time You Deserve". They are well known for their Beer Bread and Dip/Seasoning mixes, but the beauty of their products is that they make it easy to create a great tasting meal in little time. And all of their products have multiple uses, so they go a long way.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the pitch. If you are interested in browsing the products you can visit my website, . You can also follow me at my Facebook page, , where I post deals and recipes!

How is your Summer??