Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stop the (p)Insanity!- Food Lovers Paradise

Welcome to the latest addition of Stop the (p)Insanity!

Pinterest is has made dinner time WAY better at my house. My husband has always been an amazing cook but my culinary talents left much to be desired.

Once, I tried throwing chicken nuggets in spaghetti and called it Chicken Parmesan-you get the idea.

There are a lot of things I love about Pinterest, but the recipes are my favorite. I have found so many great recipes that I have kept in our families meal rotation. I love trying a newly "pinned" recipe to see if they live up to the hype.

**Quick Tip: When trying out a new recipe, if you are reading it on a food blog, read the comments too. A lot of people stop at the recipe, but if you scroll down through the comments, you can see all the tips/tricks/troubles previous readers had with the recipe. You may find a better way to make the recipe or you may save yourself some problems after reading what other's did wrong! (And don't forget to pay it forward and go back and comment yourself after trying it!)

Here are a few recipes we have recently tried in the Insomnia household...
(if you click on the picture you will be taken to the recipe)

First up...
Fried Ice cream "casserole"

I'm at a loss for what to call this. Pie? Ice cream cake? Not sure what to call it but it doesn't really matter because it is awesome!
It is pretty easy to make and tastes just like fried Ice cream. It does make a lot so unless you are cooking for a bunch, you could get away with halving the recipe.
Added bonus: it's almost better the 2nd day than the 1st

* The recipe calls for drizzling some honey over it which is good, but chocolate sauce is even better.

Level of pInsanity: Perfect for your next fiesta!

Next up...

This pin has been all over Pinterest proclaiming that it is "better than PF Changs", so I just had to give it a try. Turns out, the hype is true. This is a tasty and really easy recipe. We've made it several times since I found it and here are a few things I've learned along the way:

*Flank steak is a great cut of meat because it is fairly cheap. In fact, after talking with the guy stocking the meat at Walmart, he said if you shop in the morning you can get it even cheaper because they mark it down to make room for the new stuff. For this recipe, try to look for a thinner piece of meat. The thicker the cut, the tougher the meat tends to be.
*Buy the fresh ginger. Yes, you can use the grated, powder stuff. But the fresh stuff is so much better. Buy a fresh piece, cut off what you need and freeze the rest. A little goes a long way, and having the fresh stuff on hand is always nice since ginger can be used for a bunch of other things. (Google it. It has a ton of uses, things you would never think of. It can help with nausea, be mixed into beauty products, or just keep it around for more recipes!)
*Buy low sodium soy sauce. The first time we made this we found it to be way too salty.
*Add a little red pepper flakes. Just a little though. I am NOT a spicy food person, but honestly this dish can get a little too sweet. The red pepper flakes give it the perfect amount of zip!

Level of pInsanity: Definite addition to our meal rotation. Cheaper and (dare I say) much better than PF Chang's- though I'll still go there for the lettuce wraps.

And last up...

These long boy burgers caught my eye because I love burgers and meatloaf. I'm a Midwestern girl-meat and potatoes are my thing. Also? These looked like an awesome accompaniment to my homemade cheesy potato wedges. (So what if I plan my menus around my side dishes sometimes??)

I had high hopes for these "burgers" but they missed the mark. Honestly, the meatloaf mixture was OK but even pre-baking the bread resulted in semi-soggy and greasy bread. I think next time I will just stick to making meatloaf and serving it open faced on bread.

*If you do make these 2 suggestions:
 1.) Use some French's fried onions in the mix. It gives them extra crunch and flavor.
 2.) I used some Sweet Baby Rays on half the burgers and ketchup on the others. My husband and I both agreed the BBQ sauce ones were better.

Level of (p)Insanity: They aren't horrible, but not my cup of tea. So long Long boys!

What great recipes have you found on Pinterest?

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