Monday, February 18, 2013

Stop the (p)Insanity

Welcome to a new feature on Mama Insomnia...

What happens after you pin something? Do you follow through on it? Or do you just keep pinning away?

We all know those pins that claim to be "THE BEST CHICKEN EVER!!" or "THE ONLY CLEANING CHECKLIST YOU"LL EVER NEED" or don't forget about those "SO EASY" pins.

But are they??

This feature is about what happens after the pin.
Join me as I take on my Pinterest boards and sort out the good, the bad and the just plain ugly pins out there.

This week I am starting out with 3 pins that are tried and true...literally.

The first is Hissy Fit Dip...

source: www.twirlandtaste

If you follow me on Facebook then you know that this has been used for many a football parties at our house.

Normally, a long list of ingredients scares me off but this one intrigued me. Also, I wanted something different than the usual buffalo chicken dips and taco dips out there. This hits the spot.

Helpful hints:

*This recipe calls for it all to be baked in the oven. Skip all that nonsense and throw it all in your slow cooker (brown the sausage first though)
* If you can't find white American cheese at your deli counter you can use the Velveeta Queso Blanco.
*We made it once with green onions and once without. I prefer without.

Level of Pinsanity: No hair pulling involved- this pin is a keeper!

Next up is a meal that I tried the day after I pinned it:


If I am being honest, I have a love/hate relationship with chicken. I love the way it tastes but touching raw chicken to prepare it is not my cup of tea. I would use every set of thongs in the house to avoid doing so. I even once told my husband after we brought Nolan home from the hospital, that I would rather touch baby poop than raw chicken.
Honestly people, I kind of still feel this way.

I had my reservations about this recipe once I saw that it involved me to not only touch the chicken, but cut it. Luckily, I put on my big girl panties and sucked it up because if I didn't I would've missed out on a really good, and fairly easy dinner.

Helpful Hints:
*so after you throw the covered chicken in the oil, you have to let it sit for a minute or 2 before you flip it. I'm impatient & tried to flip it after a few seconds and it stuck to the bottom of the pan. So just wait it out. According to my husband, it will tell you when it's ready to be flipped.
*if you like a little spice, add a bit of shiracca. (its good)
Level of Pinsanity: Worth touching raw chicken (or baby poop)

Last but not least is a pin that saved me from hours and hours of scrubbing:

I have no idea where the original source of this pin came from, but if I found that person I would hug the crap out of them.

Do this. DO IT NOW.

I have one of these in each bathroom and while I leave my conditioner on for the recommended 3-5 minutes, I use this little puppy to wipe everything down. We have hard water (even with a water softener) and this mixture gets the tub sparkling with the least amount of effort ever!

Level of Pinsanity: You would be (p)Insane not to do this.

What pins have you tried?  Which do you love? Which made you a little (p)Insane??

And be sure to stay connected because these pins are next on my list...

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