Thursday, February 7, 2013

Books for the littles...

My kids LOVE books.
When my youngest started preschool and we were introduced to the totally awesome Scholastic book club program, I went a little nuts. I mean there were so many books and they were SO cheap, I may have gone a little overboard.
Over the past 6 months we have probably accumulated well over 50 books. And many of those books I read over and over and over to the boys. Some 10 times in a day. Through this I have come to find that there are books I love and books I loathe. Here are a few that both the kids AND I enjoy:

Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin- Pete is a cool, chill cat that walks around in his favorite white shoes. He steps in some colorful messes, but no matter what color his shoes turn, Pete keeps his cool. I love this book for the kids because not only does it help teach them their colors, the music element to the book keeps them entertained. And I absolutely love the message of the book-no matter what you step in, just keep walking along and singing your song. For a real treat, check out the youtube video of the author and illustrator performing the book for a children's group. Play it for your kids, they will love it. (And possibly hog your computer for awhile)

No David by David Shannon- The Insomnia house loves these books. They are short and sweet which is nice if you have to read it 50 times a day. Jack has this book memorized and loves to point out all the naughty things David has done. I also love the message of this book, which is no matter how much David's mom yells at him, she still loves him. ( A relatable story for all parents!) This is the first book in a whole series and they are all equally good.

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague: One of a handful of How Do Dinosaurs... book, this is one of my favorites. Another short and sweet book with a great message about sharing. The boys love all the funny pictures of dinosaurs trying to play with their friends!
What are the favorite children's books in your house?