Monday, October 8, 2012

Testing, testing...

I know what you all must be thinking...

What the what? A post from yours truly??

Recently, I've seen a bit of an increase in new faces on the Mama Insomnia Facebook fan page. I can only assume that the traffic is coming from Pinterest since that is the only place, besides Facebook, I frequent these days.

I've thought long and hard about my status as a blogger and where I was going to take Mama Insomnia in the future. On one hand, there is a piece of me that misses this little space of the Internet. I don't want to let it go. I don't want to abandon it.

But the other hand? Is pretty much done. I can't even say I miss it.

Nothing grand perpetuated this leave of absence. It's just that blogging gradually became less of a hobby and more of an obligation. A hindrance. It got in the way. 2 kids, 2 boys. That's hard work. Especially since my youngest, God love him, really gives us a run for our money.

That said, I am at peace with my choice to let my blog sit on the back burner for now. Or maybe even for good. Things here at the Insomnia house are hectic most days, but good. When we aren't chasing around the boys, we are making updates to the house. Though we still desperately want to move, we realize that we may need to stick out the housing market for a little while longer so we decided to make the house a little prettier to look at (minus the constant fingerprints and excess toys everywhere).

I have also been working on my artsy side and hope to soon open up an Etsy shop and work at some local craft fairs. That has long been my dream, and as the boys get older I realize that my options are to keep working part time or do that, and I'd much rather earn my money doing something I love instead of at a job that I have lukewarm feelings for.

As for the future of Mama Insomnia, I am going to keep the ol' girl up. I may post here and there or I may turn it over to a more crafty blog. Either way, I miss the interaction with the people I've met via Mama Insomnia, so I've decided that I will try my best to interact via my Facebook page more frequently. I hope you'll all join me there!