Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Checkin In

I've sat at my laptop many a times these past few weeks. I've stopped and started a handful of posts, never publishing them.

A lot is going on here at Insomnia headquarters. There have been fun times like birthdays, trips to the zoo and lazy days at home. There have been doctors visits. Many doctors visits. In one week, I swear to you all, we saw a different doctor every single day of one week. Between Nolan having a bout of bronchitis, me (thankfully) finally going to a chiropractor for my sciatica, and getting Nolan ready to get his tongue surgery at the end of the month, I am getting ready to make a deal with my postman to hide all incoming medical bills next month!!

And then there are the not so fun stuff, like dealing with the news that my grandmothers health has taken a turn for the worse and was put in hospice this past weekend.

I feel on a constant emotional roller coaster these days. Many of the posts I've sat down to write have been heavy hearted. They are filled with bittersweet memories and all the emotions I am struggling with these days. For now, these posts will stay unpublished. The mere act of writing them, took a big weight off my shoulder, like the sheer act of typing them out was purging my soul of all the sadness and heartache I was feeling inside. Maybe someday if I'm brave enough, I'll show them to the world. Maybe not.

Until then, I'm checking in #iPPP style...
one of them is sleeping
I met Paula Deen
seriously, don't you just want to eat him up??
shaving with daddy
3-D eggs are intense

I found Draw Something.
(my husband isn't very good at it ;) )
Buy this popcorn. NOW.

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