Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm in purgatory

Hello friends!

Maybe you've noticed my absence these past few months. Maybe you haven't. (in that case just humor me) I've been stuck in blogging purgatory.

Life has become very busy these days. A new job has forced the Insomnia household into a new schedule, if you could call it that. A lack of schedule/routine is actually what has made things so busy. This is the most I have ever worked since having the boys, so to say it's an adjustment is an understatement.

One thing that has fallen by the wayside- my computer. In fact, this is the first time I have opened my laptop in 2 weeks. Other than that, I check everything via my iPhone. And usually, even that, is a quick check for anything new and that is it.

I have not tweeted.
I have not pinned.
I have not blogged.

And I don't really miss it.

There. I said it.

And that is why I am in blogging purgatory. Because on one hand, I could care less about what I am "missing" by being unplugged, but on the other hand I wonder of I am ready to walk away and call it quits.

What if this is just a phase? Do I really want to walk away from my blog and from all the work I put into it? From all the wonderful people I have met here?

At the same time, I feel uninspired. I don't feel compelled to post about everything, everyday. I don't miss all the work blogging is, like writing, and then then spending time pimping out my post on Twitter and Facebook and responding to comments. I find myself disenchanted with social networks lately.

Is anyone else feel this way? How did you get out of blogging purgatory??