Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughts on life as I know it...

I was originally going to title this post, "Who does number 2 work for??", but then I realized that's  probably only amusing in my sleep deprived state.

Life here is trucking along and I thought I'd pause for a minute to write a little sumpin' sumpin' since I have been sparse around the blogoshphere lately. So here are a few sleep deprived thoughts on life since #2 came along:

*I will take 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep over 8 hours of "keeping an ear out for the baby" sleep any day of the week.

*Short list of priorities these days: Sleep, sleep, a meal, sleep, a shower, sleep, 10 minutes to myself, sleep.

*Any day that I can get in a shower is a winning day. If I can get in a shower and a square meal?? A miracle.

*When child #2 comes along you will almost always feel pulled in one direction or another. Accept this as quickly as you can and move on. Otherwise you will live the rest of your life feeling guilty.

*Expectations are for fools. Newborns and toddlers will NOT be on the same schedule, at least not on the days you need them to be.

*Activities that should be avoided on little to no sleep: Cooking, Shaving, Getting on a ladder, and pouring water out of a just filled Brita water pitcher. TRUST ME on these thing.

*Do not believe the husband when he says that he will change all the diapers since you are doing all the feedings. Sooner or later he will have to go back to work.

*Being able to drink a glass of wine again is great.  I just wish that one glass didn't make me comatose.

*I forgot how deflated your body gets after pregnancy. My body looks like a balloon someone just popped.

*No matter how stressful life with two gets, this makes it all worthwhile: