Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A recap of 2011...Blog Style

One great thing about a blog is that you always have a reminder of what happened in the past.

This comes in extra handy, especially when you suddenly have 2 kids and can't remember when you ate last nevermind what you did 3, 6, or (GASP) 11 months ago.

So here is a look back at 2011 via my favorite posts...

January was typical January. It mostly involved hibernating and "trying" to lose weight. Because I still only had one child, I also had way more time to post. I had just found my stride in blogging and stumbled upon this little thing called Twitter. I wrote about my obsession and how Social Media was addicting after my my new friend Liz inspired me with her post on the levels of Social Media "relationships".
I also wrote a really funny post about underwear.

February involved a vacation, a Snow-pocalypse, and a slight identity crisis (aka major hair color change)
I also wrote the most honest and vulnerable post I've ever written.

March brought some MAJOR changes. I also got a little reflective in one of my favorite posts, "Dear 15 1/2 year old me" and a post I wrote about how my poor relationship with my mother actually helped me find true love.

I spent most of April in a nauseous tired haze and most of my post's are about this. I managed to get out of my funk long enough to write about my five least favorite people on Facebook.

I went crazy in May and did my first (&only) Vlog. Apparently,  I was feeling a little nostalgic back then because I wrote all about how I made an ass of myself in front of a boy when I was younger and how I looked like a vampire when I was in High School.

I also wrote a post about ten things you should know about this blog. It's a must read.

June, we learned the sex of Baby Insomnia.

July, I worried about naming said baby. I also wrote about the embarrassing thing that happened to me when I found out I was pregnant and a top ten list of why I am ALLCAPSAWESOME.

August ,I went golfing.
September, was filled with a lot of fluff and toilet humor.
October, I told you all the things I did.

November, I watched my little boy turn 2 and welcomed baby #2.

and this month I was so tired I got naked and mugged.

What was your favorite post of the year??

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