Monday, October 15, 2012

Drama, Nudists & a Mugging

This is a rerun of a post last year. Liz over at A belle, A bean and A Chicago Dog is organizing #MugSwap2012 and I highly recommend you join in on it if you never have before! For details check out her post today and if you aren't sure what to expect from #MugSwap2012 read on...

This past weekend was full on craziness. My sister in law got married on Friday night and my toddler was the ring bearer. Sounds cute enough, but being in a wedding comes with obligations that don't always jive with a toddlers "schedule". Luckily, my sister in law is pretty laid back so she didn't mind the fact that he napped through most of the pictures and cried through the rest.

In true toddler fashion he did wonderfully the night of the rehearsal dinner, but come the big day...not so much. He got halfway down the aisle and threw himself on the floor of the church demanding his daddy. Luckily, people generally find this sort of thing cute.

Since I was so tired from all these festivities (&having a newborn), I was delighted to come home Saturday afternoon and find my #MugSwap2011 waiting on my doorstep.

Wanna know the best part about #MugSwap2011??

Meeting new friends.
And creating a little drama...

You see my mugger was the lovely Sara of Sara Spelled Without an H. Unfortunately, I was not familiar with Sara before #MugSwap2011, so when I googled the name I was lead in the wrong direction.

It seems there are a few Sara's out there without the H.
And I found the crankiest of all on Twitter.

Maybe she was a little bitter she didn't get to participate in #MugSwap2011??

Anywho, after the whole mistaken identity debacle I was able to finally track down and properly thank the real Sara without an H for this awesome mug:

 How did she know that we live in a house where my toddler begs to be naked 24/7? Or that our fair skin burns easily??

So in the spirit of the holiday's and #MugSwap2011, I decided to play along:

Oh, I thought you said show me you JUGS!

Happy Holidays!!