Thursday, November 3, 2011

My little monster

Jack's Halloween costume this year really happened by chance. Last year, his 1st Halloween, I was immediately intent on him being a monkey.
This year, we were at a loss for what to dress him as.

Initially, we saw cute Elmo and Cat and the Hat costumes, but they were upwards of $49 and I just couldn't rationalize spending that much on something he'd only wear one day. (I'm getting cheap in my old age) Plus, I realize that someday soon, he'll be old enough to request what he wants to be, so I'd prefer to save my pennies for those days.

Then I thought maybe I'd dress him up as DJ Lance because the costume was hilarious, but my boy is way too fair skinned to pull off a bright orange costume. And as someone that used to work in the fashion world, stupid things like that mean more to me than the average person. I couldn't let my boy go out in something that washed him out.

So one day, strolling the asiles of my favorite store, Target, I found this little number...

My little monster

I'm pretty sure that the neighbors in our tiny subdivision don't care for us on Halloween. We NEVER give out candy nor do we go trick or treating in our neighborhood. It's nothing against our neighbors or anything, we just always worked before we had kids and now we take Jack over to our in laws to go trick or treating.

This year, per usual, we went to my mother and father in laws to pay Papa a visit before he went to work. Jackson LOVES his Papa, so much so that I'm pretty sure Papa takes the cake over even mommy and daddy somedays.  I could be jealous of this, but seeing the two of them together makes my heart melt.

Papa gets attacked before work!!

 Things I learned Trick or Treating this year:

*Toddlers that don't nap walk slower than usual.
*They also refuse to say "Trick or Treat" no matter how many times you prompt them to.
*A sleepy toddler and a 37 week old pregnant woman have pretty much the same stamina.
*My son's candy of choice: Kit Kat's. He actually dug through a bowl at one house just to find one.
*It only takes 3 Kit Kats to make a toddler bounce off the walls.

Enjoying his Treats!!

How did you spend your Halloween??

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