Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#iPPP-Thanksgiving Edition

Hello Blog friends!

I've missed you. In case you didn't know, I took the last week or so off to give birth. Last Tuesday we welcomed Baby Insomnia to the world and since we arrived home on Friday, things have been what I can only describe as perfect storm of chaos.

Yes, I am sleep deprived.
Yes, I feel some days like I've been hit by a truck. (because that's what happens when you are sleep deprived and forget to take your pain medications and you have a toddler who doesn't understand you just had surgery and likes to climb on you)

But I am loving every single second of it.

I have so much to be thankful for this year.

Because I believe in being grateful for all things big & small, here is the short list of little things I am grateful for. Things like:

*being able to enjoy a glass of wine or have a beer during football games again
*Nick at Nite programing to keep me entertained during 3 am feedings
*Coffee. Lots and Lots of Coffee
*Keebler Coconut Chocolate Chip cookies- seriously try them. Now.

But it's the big things I am truly thankful for.

Things like this man....

Who makes me laugh and knows how to take the edge off and make me feel at ease. Who held my hand through my c-section and made phone calls for me while I slept off the anesthesia. Who wheeled me to the NICU every few hours to hold my new baby boy.
Having kids tests a marriage sometimes, and I am so grateful to have someone that truly is my partner in crime through it all.

I am also thankful for this little man...

I am so proud of my little boy, who despite having his entire schedule turned upside down, was a good boy for grandma and grandpa which allowed daddy to be able to stay at the hospital with me the whole time. He was such a ray of sunshine for me when he came to visit, even if he did steal my pudding and get it all over my bed. I had one hell of a time explaining those stains to my nurses.

You know what makes you instantly feel better after having semi-major surgery??
A toddler doing the worm for you.

And last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for this little miracle...
via Instagram

Nolan Patrick (yes, we finally decided on a name!) arrived at 9:35am. I am grateful that I was able to stay awake and hear Nolan's first little cries. I am grateful for a stellar NICU team that took amazing care of my little boy in his first 24 hours. Nolan inhaled quite a bit of fluid and needed to be on oxygen to ensure his lungs and everything were working OK.  Though I would've preferred he didn't have to be there, I felt at ease with the staff there and trusted their decision to keep him there. They were wonderful and made sure that even though he was in the NICU that we still got to hold him,feed him and see him as much as we wanted too.

I am thankful that he only had to stay in the NICU for a short time and that he has been healthy and thriving since. He is a sweet little baby with his daddy's nose and mommy's eyes and I never knew my heart could be filled with so much love.

What are you thankful for this year??

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