Monday, November 7, 2011

10 things to do before your toddler turns 2

10 things to do when your First Born turns 2

10.) Obsessively buy him anything and everything that you see because you know "this year he'll really GET it"

9.) Look back over pictures of the last 2 years and cry over how big your baby is getting.

8.) Go crazy because you've decided to try and make this cake for your 2 year old even though it is way out of your realm of cooking skills.

7.) Feel compelled to make this birthday extra special because you feel guilty that you are bringing a new baby into the world in 6 days and know that your first born's life will be turned upside down.

6.) Cry because of said guilt. & raging hormones.

5.) Go out and buy toddler more presents because of this.

4.) Find a super cute birthday outfit for the birthday boy to wear. Decide against it in the end because you realize it will not last 2 seconds without getting ruined.

3.) Go crazy planning out your toddler's birthday dinner only to realize that they will probably not eat any of it.

2.) Cry tears of happiness as you watch the smart and energetic boy before you.

1.) Smile and know that these last 2 years are just the beginning...