Monday, October 31, 2011

The time I danced for Hillary Clinton...

My post on Friday had a lot of readers wondering about when and why I danced for Former First Lady and current Secretary of State,  Hillary Clinton. But thinking about that made me also think about all the other celebrity run in's I've had over the course of my last 31 years on this earth, so here they are in all their glory:

-My earliest celebrity run in??  Richard Simmons.  I only vaguely remember the experience, but I recall my father bringing me to some sort of event he was at. Not sure if my failure to remember it all was due to my young age or a forced repression...

-In further attempts to pimp me out in order to meet famous people, my grandma used me to meet Marie Osmond on a trip to Nashville, TN.  At the young age of 7, I had no idea who Marie was, but was instructed to get her autograph anyway. Apparently it's harder to turn down a kid.

-I awkwardly stumbled upon a very good looking Eddie Vedder while shopping at Ragstock in downtown Chicago. It was one of the few times of my life I was rendered speechless.

-My meetings with Hillary Clinton?
Mrs Clinton attended my Alma Mater and made several visits to our school as the First Lady. The first time I met her was at an all school assembly. The 2nd time, Mrs Clinton was celebrating her 50th birthday in Chicago and as a special treat, members from our HS were selected to meet her plane on arrival and welcome her. I traveled with my fellow Poms, cheerleaders and marching band members to a small private military hanger where we waited while Secret Service dogs sniffed our pom poms and instruments. When we were given the OK, we greeted Mrs Clinton by dancing our High School fight song for her. After making a lovely speech for the cameras, she actually stuck around and walked the crowd thanking each of us for such a warm welcome. Though at the time, I really had no political opinions of her, I recall her being very warm and sincere.

-While waiting to meet Alanis Morrisette after a Twisted Christmas concert, I stumbled-literally- into Lollapoolza founder and-at the time- Porno for Pyro's front man,  Perry Ferrell. He signed my t-shirt, though I didn't really ever ask him to.

-In college, I worked part time at a theme restaurant called Dick Clark's American Bandstand. As a result, I met the legendary Dick Clark and his adorable wife a handful of times. For the history they have in the entertainment industry they are two of the most humble and down to earth people I've ever met. Also, they are super short. I'm not sure why this is relevant, but I remember being surprised at how short they really were. I wonder if this is what people say when they meet Ryan Seacrest...

-In 2008, before his career came to a crashing halt, I met former IL Governor, Rod Blagojevich at a Ruby Tuesday in the Fox Valley Mall. He and his entourage actually came up to our table and started shaking our hands. It was all very awkward and showy. One thing I can say about that man? His hair is just as fantastic as it looks on TV. I wanted to touch it.

Sadly, Blago was my last run in. Here's hoping my next one is more exciting.

Have you had any celebrity run ins??