Friday, October 28, 2011

22 things I've Done

1.) Stayed up all night and watched beautiful sunrise

2.) Laughed thru tears

3.) Ran into a lake fully clothed, sober.

4.) Peed my pants... in public.

5.) Called a boy and made a total fool of myself.

6.) Shook hands and marveled at the slick hair of disgraced politician Rod Blagojevich.

7.) Said goodbye to a friend too soon.

8.) Married the love of my life.

9.) Slept through childbirth.

10.) Ran into the Gulf of Mexico fully clothed with my husband on our Honeymoon-slightly less than sober.

11.) Met and talked to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton TWICE. Also, I danced for her, but that sounds kind of wierd unless you know the whole story.

12.) Been to some amazing concerts including Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Tori Amos, and one of the first Lollapalooza's.

13.) Dyed my hair bright pink.

14.) Streaked around the block on a dare.

15.) Lived in NYC for a summer and survived the blackout of 2003.

16.) Been to a taping of the Bozo show 3 times.

17.) Had my heartbroken & broken a heart or 2

18.) Attended a game of almost every Major League Sport. I'm just missing a NBA game...and the odds don't look good for me completing that this year.

19.) Met my great grandparents in Germany

20.) Taken 3 amazing Mexican vacations

21.) Suffered a miscarriage

22.) Started a blog to work through my feelings and met an amazing group of people I call my friends.

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