Friday, September 23, 2011

Conde` Nast-y-Friday Funny

It's Friday and I'm still not fully back into the blogging groove but luckily I had this little gem waiting in my drafts. Who doesn't want a light, funny way to end their week?? So enjoy!

Today's post is completely random. And a little gross. OK, it's really gross.
But I sometimes find gross things hilariously funny and this falls under that umbrella. So read at your own risk...

Have you heard about the mystery pooper in the Glamour Magazine offices?? It seems that there is someone leaving "surprises" for people in the bathrooms on the 16th floor. For years.

Similarly, we have been having some of the same problems at work. People leaving massive bombs in the toilet.

A poop and dash, if you will.

 The thing that creeps me out most about these mystery piles?? The lack of toilet paper.
Which means there is a very messy, smelly ass lurking out there somewhere...

Have you ever pooped and dashed???