Monday, August 29, 2011


As a waitress, I usually find it hard to call out other people in my profession. I have respect for people that do what I do, because serving the general public can be a pain in the ass some days most days.

One big thing about being a good server/waiter/waitress is the ability to know your audience. Different types of diners have different needs. Some people want to get in and out and not be bothered. Some people are needy and want lots of attention. As a server, it's your job to figure out what a table wants and how to give it to them.

Sadly though, it seems like more and more places that are hiring servers incapable of making this connection.

And sometimes it's bewildering.

Proof that common sense ain't so common...

*If my baby is sleeping in his carseat and can't even open his eyes or hold his head up, why in the world would you ask me if he wanted crayons?? (True story, my friend and I went to lunch with our NEWBORNS and the server asked both of us if they wanted crayons...and a balloon.)
*Also, when I order a drink for my toddler, who is sitting in a high chair, a plastic non-breakable cup is appreciated. NOT a glass.
*Please don't place the steak knife right next to my grabby toddler. Same goes for the plate that is hotter than the sun. And when you are dolling out a tray of heavy plates I would appreciate you not doing so over my sons head.
*Yes, I need a highchair. Unless your establishment allows children to roam free. And no, I can't sit at the bar tables unless you have some sort of special super tall highchairs.
*If we are all packed up and I have my credit card out on the table or money out, then yes, I am ready to pay. I'm not trying to be bitchy. I am trying to avoid all hell breaking loose in your restaurant.

Is there a time when you went out to eat and had a server who lacked common sense??