Thursday, August 4, 2011

#SummerBlogSocial- Goals

Today's my last post for the #SummerBlogSocial with A Belle, a Bean, & A Chicago Dog and Four Plus An Angel.

Today's prompt is....
What are your overriding goals for your blog and social media presence? How have those goals evolved over time?

When I think about this little blog of mine, I have ideas... and then I have big ideas. Most of the time I have to talk myself back down to earth and realize that the chance of me ever making enough money to make blogging & social media my "job" is a longshot. But a girl can dream, right??
That said, when I realitically think about my blog, I do have goals for the next year or so. While I have no timeframe for when I want to accomplish them, here they are, in all their glory...

-Work to learn more about the techinical side of blogging.
-Move to Wordpress.
-Clean up blog design and layout.
-Find or make some awesome new customized social media buttons.
-Update/Customize Facebook Fan page.
-Make a custom Twitter background.
-Network and learn how to work with companies for product reviews, freelancing gigs, and/or sponsored posts. Learn how to get ad's on my blog. Basically learn how to make just a wee bit o'money from this little blog. The hardest part of this will be learning how to incorporate this and still maintain my blogs integrity and feel.
-Become more versed in social media and branch out to new mediums.
-Attend a blog conference and meet some of my blog friends IRL. I wanna rock a dance party with Liz & KLZ.
-Learn more about the BlogHer community and similar communities and become more involved in them. Work to be a syndicated or featured on BlogHer.

What are your blog goals? What advice to you have for me to help me reach my blog goals??