Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time to create

Little known fact about me...I'm crafty. Sometimes.
As in, when I have time.
Which is hardly ever.

I love decorating the house and putting my own homemade touches on it. Looking at Pottery Barn catalogs and watching HGTV always challenges me to see if I can "copy" high end things for pennies. More often than not I can, it just takes a little out of the box thinking. And a trip to the nearest Hobby Lobby. If I am still lacking ideas I can peruse craft blogs for days looking for inspiration. (Which usually leads me to new projects and makes me forget what I was originally looking for)

This past weekend I was able to turn TWO of my ideas into actual, tangible creations.

Both were super easy and super cheap.

The first is Hand print art. As a mother, I naturally want a way to preserve my little guys youth. I remember when I was a kid, my parents did those hand print mold kits that everyone did in the 80's. Those are cute and all, but I wanted something I could display. Something that would fit our decor. So I made this:

Cost: $4.49 Time spent: 20 minutes (drying time included!)

Get a canvas in whatever size you like, paint it whatever color you like, and use a contrasting paint color for your child's hand print. I used acrylic paint. It's cheap, non-toxic and comes in every color imaginable.

 For baby 2, I will probably do a black hand print on a white canvas for a little contrast!

The hand prints are a part of a family theme I am putting together for some decoration behind our couch. So next on my list was this little number...

Its a small picture & poor lighting so bare with me.

I had an old 11x14 frame laying around with a 8x10 mat in it, so I printed out the lyrics to our wedding song on a colored sheet of paper. I played around with the spacing and, though it's hard to tell, I made some key lines in the song bold or in a different font.
Then I CAREFULLY cut out a printed initial and glued it to the center. (I envy those of you with Cricut machines which would have made this project much easier)

Cost: Nothing (all materials already on hand!) Time Spent: 45 mins

So there you have it, two easy & cheap ideas for decorating. They also make great gifts!

Do you like to craft?? Where do you find ideas? Do you follow craft blogs?