Friday, July 1, 2011

The Name Game

I love my husband dearly. He is laid back, funny and generally has a good head on his shoulders. I rarely call his judgement into question...unless he is attempting the name our children.

Before Jack came along Kevin had a myriad of name possibilities. At first I laughed them off, because clearly they were too outrageous for him to be serious.

But sometimes I still wonder.

Below is a list of actual names that my husband has suggested for our unborn children. Keep in mind a few are only truly amusing if you know our last name. The rest are just plain silly.

* Wachunka Umfufu (Pronounced: Womb-chunk-a Oom-fu- fu) Also note...according to husband this is a unisex name.

*Mary Chris (funny if you know our last name)

*Mooey (appropriate for a large baby only)

*Dragon (Kevin, however, said that it would be pronounced Dragoon)



Did your spouse ever come up with some questionable names for your children??