Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Halfway there

I'm horrible about taking belly pics.
Even with Jack I always forgot, so Baby Insomnia has really gotten neglected.

But in the interest of catching up, I took a 22 week picture...
We are now officially a little over halfway there!!


Baby's Size: A Papaya

Mama's Size: I've only gained 3 lbs. thanks to my super duper thyroid medicine. (Though I feel much bigger this pregnancy, which everyone has told me is normal.)

Baby's Gender: It's a BOY!!

I'm feeling: Pretty good! I have been getting really bad Sciatica this pregnancy, a lot worse than with Jack. It's most noticeable when I'm working and trying to sleep. Other than that I feel pretty good and, knock on wood, everything is on the up and up!

Cravings: Buffalo Chicken Anything. And carbs. Lots of carbs.

What I miss: A nice cold beer on a hot day. As a bartender, I poor cool libations for people all day. Sometimes I really miss being able to have a drink of my own. I also miss being able to paint my own toenails.

What I love: Baby Insomnia's little kicks and punches which are becoming much more frequent and pronounced. Especially when I drink cold water or have a bowl of ice cream for dessert!

I'm writing this post on the fly, so if I've left anything out, feel free to ask away!
Happy Hump Day!!