Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remember me??

I must admit, I'm having lukewarm feelings about this post.On one hand, I feel ready to come back to blogging. My energy is coming back and there is a part of me that misses the camaraderie that came with posting and visiting my favorite blogs. A part of me that misses the daily tapping of my fingers on the keyboard.
And then there is the other part of me.
The part that realizes how many more minutes of my life I got back by NOT posting. How much cleaner my house is or how much more I enjoy a movie or TV show because I am not watching it over the glare of my laptop.

But I tend to do this.
I tend to dive into a situation with obession passion and devote myself to it 110% only to eventually become disenchanted with it in the long run.
It's my cycle.
And I am trying to break the cycle.

So I am posting even though it would be easier for me to curl up in bed with a piece of chocolate cake and watch my DVR'ed episode of Gossip Girl.

Since it's been almost a month, let's play a little catch up shall we??

-The ickiness of the 1st trimester is almost all gone away and I literally feel like a new women some days. So much so, that some days I don't even feel pregnant. Of course the neurotic crazy woman in me ultimately wonders if that is because something is wrong, so I still worry a wee bit. Luckily, I just had my doctor's appointment and heard the greatest sound ever...the babies heartbeat. I also lost 6 lbs. the first trimester, which I guess is what happens when you are too nauseous and tired to ever eat.

-Remember how a few months ago I went deaf? Well now I am going blind. I swear to all of you I am not a hypochondriac or one of those people who constantly says they have some sort of ailment just to get attention. (wait...is that the same thing? Whatever.)

-In regards to the blindness: last week I started seeing spots in my right eye. At first I thought maybe my blood sugar was low but after eating and sitting down, they didn't go away. The next day when I still woke up with them, I called my OB to make sure it wasn't pregnancy related. She advised me to go to an eye doctor which I did, and now I have to go see a retinal specialist to make sure my retina is detaching from my eye. Awesome. I'm hoping it isn't anything serious and also hoping it is easily fixable because my vision is so off it gives me headaches. Until then I am practicing seeing out of only my left eye in the event that I will have to wear a patch for the rest of my life...

-In my self imposed sabbatical I have watched a lot of TV and have some strong opinions regarding some things going on. Expect some Real Housewives posts in the future.

-I see vlogging is the new blogging. I'm not sure I am that brave yet. Although if it means less typing, I may be game. Laziness wins over vanity any day of the week.

I promise this post is not a one trick pony. As a matter of fact I have a great guest post from the lovely Kristin at Taming Insanity coming up next week, so please don't unfollow me just yet!!