Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Post: KLZ... 30 Rock My World

Every once in awhile you stumble across someone in blogland that you just click with.
Enter Kristin, KLZ, or as I like to call her K-diddy.
Ok I don't really call her that, but it's nice to know that she'd let me if I wanted to.
I'm pretty sure I don't need to introduce her blog, Taming Insanity, because unless you blog in a cave somewhere, you probably already know her.
I am very delighted to have her and her awesomeness here today talking about one of the very things we bonded over. 30 Rock.
She watches all my fav's: 30 Rock, Cougartown, Friday Night Lights. And even better, she can spout off a quote at any moment. Though this sometimes makes for some interesting texts, since we don't always watch the shows at the same time.

So in the infamous words of Jenna Maroney..."Listen up fives, a ten is speaking"


Recently, my son walked up to our couch and started beating it savagely for no apparent reason.

Rather than being appalled like a good parent, I laughed. "why are you taking that beating, couch?" I quipped. "don't you know you're a couch? Have some self respect."
Then I laughed embarrassingly hard at my own joke. I just can't resist an opportunity to paraphrase 30 Rock - even if my reference is very, very thin.

When 30 rock first debuted, I thought it was doomed. Hell, there was another show with the same premise (but serious) debuting at the same time. Plus, I was supposed to buy Tracy Morgan as a prime time star? No thanks, T.Fey, I'm not buying what you're selling this time.
Yet, somehow I was hooked completely in two episodes. After episode two, I made jokes about sailing a boat to Denver for weeks. And, shockingly, unlike when I made bad Arrested Development jokes, people actually got them.
It turns out I  owe Tracy Morgan a huge apology. The man is funny even when he's NOT mocking Star Jones. Next time he comes over I'll have to mention it to him.
However, people find it completely annoying for me to constantly be making veiled references to a sitcom. So now, I drop very casual references. I do not wait for people to get my jokes. I call Angie's son Jack Attack or Jackie boy and figure whoever gets it, gets it.
And whoever gets it is welcome to watch 30 rock with me at my house when it comes back in the fall. If you too, are planning your Christmas Attack Zone, you are welcome in my home. Very, very welcome. But be careful, the west wing was designed by M.C. Escher.

Of course I'll be wearing a tuxedo for this viewing. It IS after 6.

What am I, a farmer?