Monday, May 23, 2011

Boy Crazy

Macho Man Randy Savage died this weekend.
It made me a little sad because I grew up on the WWE or as I knew it back then...the WWF.

My Uncle Roy, whom I love and adore was a HUGE fan and I spent many a day watching it with him.
Back then I was too young to scoff at the fakeness of it all.
Instead, I marveled at the likes of Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage and my personal favorite

Ravishing Rick Rude
I was probably a little too young to be watching him and his seductive pelvic thrusts but my parents bought me Dirty Dancing when it came out. I was 7,  so clearly they didn't really patrol what I watched.

Fast forward a few years to eighth grade.
I was boy crazy early on.
Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my parents let me watch Dirty Dancing and greasy men can't be sure.
But I liked boys.
And I learned early on, that the best way to talk to them was to get on their level.

So I became a tomboy.
I played sports.
I watched sports.
It was 1993, so the Chicago Bulls were what everyone was talking about. WWF was so 1990.
Until I had my eye on a boy and found out he was a wrestling fan.

So one day, at my friend Megan's house I mustered up the courage to call him.

Him: Hello
Me: Hi! This is Angie. From School.
Him: Hey.
Me: So I was just wondering if you knew who won Wrestlemania this year??




I hung up the phone and laughed, but was secretly cringing inside.
I played it off as a crank call.
But I was never able to live it down.
The next day I was mocked by the boys in my class.
And 12 years later when I ran into that same boy at a bar in the city the first thing he asked me was
"So do you know who won Wrestlemania this year??"

But at least he remembered me...

RIP Macho Man.
"Oh YEA!"