Friday, May 20, 2011

10 things you should know about my blog

10.) The content here is unpredictable. If you are looking for a blog clearly focused on one centralized topic, then this blog ain't for you. On the other hand, if you'd like to talk about meaningful things one day and the Real Housewives another day... welcome. I think you'll like it here.

9.) Sarcasm is my preferred choice of communication. Only 20% of this blog should be taken seriously.

8.) I am a lazy blogger. Some days I feel like writing, some days not so much. Some days I cop out and make lame top ten lists...

7.) I type fast and have a constant itch to prematurely hit publish. Also, I have not totally figured out my laptop and sometimes Dellenor has a mind of her own. Both of these things sometimes lead to grammatical errors and typos. I apologize to those of you that are sticklers for that sort of thing.

6.) I name things. Like my laptop, Dellenor.

5.) I also apologize to those of you that are sticklers for punctuation. I have pretty much forgotten everything I have ever learned about punctuation in school. Comma's are my archenemies. I often overuse ... (I think they are called ellipsis) and sometimes I get a little carried away with exclamation points. If anyone would like to give me a refresher course in proper punctuation I welcome it with open arms. Otherwise please don't expect much of a change on that front. ( See #8)

4.) This blog used to have a completely different name and look until I worked with the amazing ladies over at Eli Rose Social. Before, it was a cluttered mess. Now, I have a streamlined look that is easier to navigate and I was able to promote myself better thanks to their helpful social media tips. I highly recommend their services if you are looking for a little blog face lift.

3.) I designed my header and button myself. Amazing, no? Actually it's really not. Sometimes I am NOT lazy and it's amazing what you can teach yourself with the help of google and some helpful blog friends. That said, if you are lazy like me sometimes, check out Kate from Mommy Monologues. She offers awesome blog designs and her prices are super affordable.

2.) I live for your comments. They make me smile. They bring purpose to my bloggy life. I promise to try and respond to all of them.

1.) This blog is awesome. If you can get past all the grammatical errors, misplaced commas, and sarcasm. Please subscribe and comment often...