Monday, April 18, 2011

A smattering

I guess that is what you would call this post. Part update, part random thoughts from the last week. A smattering.

For the update...
I really hate to complain about being pregnant, but I must say that the 1st trimester is a real buzz kill.
First there is the possibility of something going wrong. Having already suffered a miscarriage this is always in the back of my mind and I am always on pins and needles the first trimester and constantly worried that I am doing something to endanger the pregnancy. Then there is the fact that even though you are tired and feel sick all the time, you don't really look pregnant so some people don't really get it.
Other favorite first trimester aliments:
- My nipples feel as though someone is using a cheese grater on them 24/7.
- I feel extremely "backed up" and bloated but can't ever do anything about it.
- Adding to that problem... I just got some prenatal vitamins with extra iron to hopefully give me more energy however, that extra iron is killing my digestive system
-Water makes me nauseous but I'm supposed to drink a bigillion glasses of it a day. I've tried lemon and anything and everything to make it better and it still makes me want to gag.
-I am so tired all I want to do is sleep all day long and my very active toddler is not down with this plan.

Hopefully I only have a few more weeks left of this fun!


A little gem from work:
Last week we had a large party come in. They took up a big portion of the back of the restaurant and apparently two young women snuck in when I wasn't looking and sat near the party. One of the girls came up to the front and asked for a manager. She complained that she was sitting at her table for 15 minutes and that no one had come by to take their order. I went over right away, apologized, and asked what I could get them to drink.
Imagine how baffled I was when they told me this,
"we're not sure, can you give us a few minutes"
Totally true story.


At one of our baby showers for Jack, guests were instructed to bring a book instead of a card.
This is, in theory, a sweet idea.
What actually happened though was we got 6 copies of Goodnight Moon and since all of them were written in we had to keep them all.
Yesterday I pulled some of them out and was reading one to Jack when I reread a message from a family friend. It was a very sweet message but several times throughout it she refers to us or Jack as special. Except she put special in quotations. As in "You have such "special" parents and you they are so lucky to  you as have such a "special" son."
Is it just me or does that word take on a completely different meaning when you put it in quotations?


Does anyone else not understand the purpose of the new Zyrtec commercial? I'm talking about the one where it is 3 co-workers and they are talking about how you can't take Allergra with Orange Juice. When I first saw it I actually thought it was a commercial for Allergra and they were alerting customers about taking it with OJ. But after seeing it for the 4th or 5th time I realized that it was actually a commercial for Zyrtec.
I guess I didn't realize that the market of people that take their allergy medicine with OJ was so big that Zyrtec feels the need to capitalize on it. What's more is that this seems to be their only case for choosing their product over Allegra. 
Maybe it's just me, but I think they need to fire their marketing people.

Feel free to share your smatterings with me!!!