Monday, April 4, 2011


Today officially kicks off my Birthday Week. I know it's official because yesterday my email inbox was inundated with free stuff. Did you know that if you sign up for email's at your favorite restaurants, they send you free stuff for your birthday? My personal favorite is Red Robin because they send you a certificate for a free burger, but most places offer a free dessert or appetizer. All good in my book.

Normally, I revel in my Birthday week but this year I feel very indifferent about it. Probably for the following reasons:
-31 is an odd number and odd year birthdays suck. (I had mono for my 21st birthday)
-lately I spend most days trying to stay awake whilst also fighting the urge to vomit. When I am not doing that I am in the bathroom peeing for the 597th time.
-I have a full social calendar this weekend. Unfortunately, not a single plan is for me or my birthday. Friday night, I will be knee deep in cupcakes and the chocolate covered pretzels I am making for my sister in laws baby shower. Saturday, I will be in Kentucky for Kevin's company's awards dinner. Normally that would be fun because of the free open bar all night, but since I cannot partake, it will just be boring schmoozing with people I don't know. And Sunday, my actual birthday, I will be driving home and going to my sister in laws baby shower. I'll probably be asleep by 7:30.

So I am officially rescheduling my birthday to Monday April 11th, and extending my birthday week by one day. During this week I reserve the right to:
*Sleep whenever and however long I want
*Eat whatever I want
*Not clean a single thing in the house.
*Not change a single poopy diaper (provided Kevin is home)

I'm still  brainstorming this list so I also reserve the right to make revisions & additions.
All suggestions are welcome.
Also, as a present to myself I am taking the week off. The lovely Liz from A Belle, a Bean and a Chicago Dog will be guest posting for me on Wednesday and then Friday I am over at Mommy Monologues as the Friday Featured blog. It is also blog boycott day, so when I am not knee deep in the 60 cupcakes I have to make, I'll be tweeting. Come say hi! @MamaInsomnia

Have a great week!!