Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Speak Up

Have you ever momentarily lost use of one of your senses??
Last week I woke up only to realize that I was almost completely deaf in my left ear.
Not cool.

First I tried self-diagnosis and home remedies to fix it.
I've been a little stuffy these days so I figured maybe it was sinus related. I busted out my neti pot and drained the heck out of my nasal cavity. When that didn't work, I mixed some hydrogen peroxide with water and put that in my ear. My bathroom was beginning to look like a chemistry lab and, other than sounding like I put Pop Rocks in my ears, it did nothing.
The web had a few other suggestions, but I'd like to think I can tell the difference between a legitimate homeopathic remedy and a crazy one. Most sites suggested taking a decongestant but being in the early stages of pregnancy I was afraid to take anything. So I called my OB. She gave me the OK to take one Sutafed and told me to go to quick care if that didn't work.
And it didn't.
So the next day I took myself to Walgreen's Take Care Clinic to see if they could tell me why I suddenly was deaf in one ear.

One thing you should probably know...
I'm not a fan of doctors.
And not in the "I'm scared of them" sense. Its more of the "they annoy the crap out of me" sense.
I have horrible luck with doctors.

In college I saw a doctor at the Health Center for an eye infection and the first thing he asked me was "Are you sexually active?" Now I'm no doctor, but I am fairly certain that most eye problems are completely unrelated to STD's. Unless you are from the whole "masturbation causes blindness" school of thought.

Then after college when I was a poor uninsured bartender I got Mono. I knew it was Mono because my boyfriend at the time had it too and they do call it the kissing disease. I saw no need to see a doctor since they don't usually give you any medication for Mono, but my aunt insisted I go to the Urgent Care clinic. Needless to say, I wasted 2 hours and $250 for them to tell me what I already knew. I had Mono and aside from rest and lots of fluids there was nothing they could give me.
Thanks for nothing Doc.

Then there was the dermatologist that diagnosed my keratosis pularis as "extra skin" and told me to just start using some lotion.
My allergy doctor that told me to stop dusting and vacuuming to control my allergies
and my personal favorite...
The first OB I went to that told me that my I "shouldn't count" my miscarriage as a pregnancy.
She also misdiagnosed me as being Rh negative.
Needless to say, I ended up going with another doctor. Thankfully I found my current OB practice that I LOVE.

But given my track record, I am always a little weary of new doctors.

So when I went to the Take Care clinic and the doctor said it was just wax and took my $20 copay and another $10 on top of that for OTC ear drops, I was peeved.
Especially when she asked me if I clean my ears regularly.
It was apparently a trick question.
I told her I did indeed use a Q-tip on a daily basis and then she proceed to go on and on about how Q-tips usually do more harm than good because people use them improperly.
So I left $30 lighter, confused and still deaf.

My OTC ear drops did nothing and I was growing increasingly annoyed. So yesterday I went to the hospitals urgent care. The doctor took one look at me ear and then whipped out this little device:

Turns out its a lot scarier than it looks, because after 2 little squirts from it I could hear again.

After a week of hardly hearing anything, it was a little overwhelming at first. Think Val Kilmer in At First Sight after he can see again, but a little less dramatic. Thankfully after a few hours it seemed to be back to normal.
Then I got a link to this:

Now I kind of wish I was deaf again...