Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear 15 year old me,

It's me, or should I say you...
30 & 3/4 future you.

There are a lot of things I could tell you.
Things that would save you some of the heartache and tears you will experience these next 15 years.
Things that could give you an edge, make you smarter & more prepared for what lies ahead of you.

But I won't.

Because telling you those things might make you do things differently
Make different choices.
Alter the path you are headed down.

And that I wouldn't want to do that because where you are right now,
your 30 & 3/4 self, is right where your supposed to be.

I won't give you the details, because that would ruin the surprise.
& I won't tell you that life is perfect and honky dory all the time, because it's not.
Plus, I don't want you to coast through the next 15 years half assing everything, thinking it will all just end up ok.

But I will tell you that every heartbreak and disappointment you experience is worth it

Sometimes life will hurt like hell
and shake you to your core
but in these moments you will dig deep and someday
(like 15 years from now)
you will look back and realize how truly extraordinary those small moments were.
& how they shaped who you became
& the path you took in this life.

So hold tight 15 & 3/4 self.

Enjoy these next 15 years.
Stay out late and sleep in.
Enjoy your body and don't focus too much on its inadequacies. The one thing I can tell you about the future is that it only gets worse as you get older. So appreciate your flat stomach now, because sadly it won't last forever.
Laugh. Until it hurts. Even if you pee a little.
It's totally worth it.

I promise.

If you could write a letter to a younger you, what would you say?

This post is a twist on Mama Kat's Writing Prompt: 1.) Ask the psychic! You have an opportunity to get any question answered in regards to your future. What will you ask?