Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you in the mood??

This time last year I still had my old cell phone, a Motorola Razor.
A primitive phone by today's standards.
My husband had what I referred to as The Jitterbug.
It was the Samsung flip phone he got in 2007 when we signed our original plan. It was so old it still had a black and white screen and reminded me of one of those phones for old people that only call 3 numbers.

Surprisingly my Razor crapped out before the Jitterbug so we decided to finally treat ourselves to an upgrade.


Never having a smart phone, we were both instantly smitten with our new gadgets.
The bright colorful  touch screen.
The apps.
All the apps.
That night we barely talked to each other except to exchange small talk about something we figured out how to do with our phones.

Eventually the newness faded away.
But the convenience of accessing social media did not.
Before my iPhone, I had to go downstairs to check Facebook or Tweet.
But now I could do it anywhere, anytime.
And that posed a bit of a problem because my husband doesn't "get" social media. He refuses to get a Facebook page and doesn't understand the hype of Twitter.


Total addict.

I was always Facebooking or Tweeting or checking something out online. Even if we were watching TV or talking.
I was only half there.
Soon I realized that at night  instead of cuddling with my husband I was basking in the glow of my phone, connecting with strangers.
Not sexy in the least bit.
So I'm learning to keep my phone put away.
To be present with my husband and son.
To not be tethered to my phone 24/7.
I'm still totally addicted to social media. I even dedicated a whole post to it.
I think Twitter and Facebook and blogging are wonderful mediums and I have stumbled across some amazing people by using them.
I can't give that up. Nor would my husband would ever ask me too.
But for the sake of our marriage and the well being of our family I have had to learn how to manage my time with them.
Because the glow of an iPhone should never be your mood lighting...

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