Monday, February 28, 2011

James Franco & Other Oscar Highs...

I love Awards show season.
It's probably one of the only good things February brings. And I eat up every glorious bit of it. From the politics behind the nominations to the long drawn out acceptance speeches and every backhanded compliment in between.

So last night was the Oscars.

The Superbowl of the movie industry

The Oscars are actually my least favorite telecast during awards season. This is largely due to the fact that I am not really a big movie buff anymore. Movies take too much time and effort nowadays and since I am usually short on both, I tend to gravitate towards TV and my DVR.
So, I really don't watch The Oscars for the artistic achievements.
I watch to make snarky observations like the rest of you.

So without further ado, here they are...

The Red Carpet is by far the biggest attraction of any awards show for me. I am usually glued to E! for the better part of the day watching all the arrivals. I find the Red Carpet amusing because the hosts are always telling the stars that they look fabulous and then the next day they rip them to shreds. I guess that's Hollywood right? Home of the insincere.I don't really feel as though there was anyone that stood out this year, best or worst, but here's my best Joan Rivers for you...

Halle Barry- Most people like this dress, but I was a little "Meh" about it. I am not a fan of flesh colored dresses and to me it is ok from the waist up but the bottom looks like the sewing machine threw up a bolt of tulle.
Natalie Porman-Love the color. The dress was pretty but I think it made her look slouched over and shortened her. Don't even get me started on those awful tassel earring, I think she could have done way better.
Helene Bonham Carter- Stop hating on her! Does anyone really ever expect her to dress well? I'm tired of her making the worst dressed lists. This is her style. She owns it.  And cut her a little'd probably dress like this too if you were married to Tim Burton.
Jennifer Husdon- Her boobs made me uncomfortable. The are saggy and discolored. She looks great, but they totally took away from her.
Cate Blanchett- I could maybe appreciate this dress if I could get past the circle around her torso. It ruined the whole dress for me.
Nicole Kidman- in Wilma Flinstone for the Millennium. Not a fan of this look. She's been pretty off this whole season though.

Really I could go on all day, but I'll stop. Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawerence, and Sandra Bullock were among my favs. And I actually liked Melissa Leo's dress, though I know a lot of people hated it.

*Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts
Anne was way too over the top and James looked like he took one too many sips from an Ambien Juice box. The opening was by far the best part even if it was ripped off from an MTV awards show montage and Alec Baldwin :::swoon::: was the best part. I appreciate the "hip" vibe that the Academy is trying to achieve but there were times throughout the show that I was begging for Kirk Douglas to steal the mic.

*The Awards
I only saw 3 of the nominated movies this year: Black Swan, The Social Network, And Toy Story 3. Every year I aim to try and see them all, but with the number of nominees increasing every year it is damn near impossible. 10 nominees for Best Picture?? Seriously?? The Academy needs to go back to 5 and stop nominating every artsy farsty film out there.
Also, this show is soooo long. I wish it were like the Grammys, where they give out all the technical awards in an entirely different ceremony. I understand the importance of these people to the film making process, but some categories need to be cut. Like all the shorts. Who, but the Acadamy, is watching these?? I would say to cut the documentaries too but apparently my husband is quite the fan. He had seen 3 of the 5 documentaries nominated. I guess it's nice to know he watches something other than ESPN all the time.

Did you watch the show?
What did you think?