Thursday, February 10, 2011

I live with a ventriloquist

Jack is a master at walking. He started at 9 months and everyday he grows faster and more agile.
But his talking skills leave something to be desired.
I've been told this is normal by every book, person and doctor I've come in contact with & the truth is I'm not really worried because he communicates great without talking.

If I ask him to bring me his spoon, he gets it without me even pointing in the right direction.
If I ask him where Gabrielle is in his favorite book, he gets it and opens the page to her.
He's got the basics like "Ma and Dad', sometimes you can get a muffled version of "grandpa" out of him, and every single cup in the house is a "BaBa".

But my kid's got conviction and he is stubborn.
And his newest skill is what we refer to as "the ventriloquist" .
When he gets really passionate about something he will come up to you and talk mumble-with his mouth closed. He points and uses inflection and is really into what he is saying. I wish and wish and wish I could understand what this little man wants but I can't...and it drives me crazy. I will ask him and show him a million things. I will pick him up and ask him to show me what he wants. But that only makes him more mumble louder and faster and pretty soon we are both crying & I'm at my wits end, wishing I could lock myself in a pantry 'a la Charlotte in SATC2.

Somebody please tell me this will get better?
(or send wine)
(or both)