Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a creeper!

Last weekend I went to Victoria's Secret and treated myself to some new PJ's. Normally I just go with sweats and an old t-shirt -my husband is so lucky right?- but I felt like indulging in something a little more girly and fun, so I splurged for a matching flannel set. (Again...lucky guy!)
While I was there I decided to go crazy and get some new underwear. I'm really not picky about my draws' at all. If I see a deal I usually just rummage thru the bins/drawers/whathaveyou and pick out the most appealing colors/patterns. Sometimes I don't even bother looking at the size. Or the cut. Which lead me to this week's panty snafu.

I'm ok with most cuts of underwear. Even though I don't wear them as much as I used to, thongs don't bother me. The thing I admire about the thong is, what you see is what you get. They say, "I'm going to nudge myself right up your ass whether you like it or not". So you know the risks going in.

Brief, Bikini, Boyshorts are all my usual favorites. I buy them at Victoria's Secret because they are soft and lacy, and not so granny-pantyish. It makes me feel less guilty about having pretty much given up on the sexy seductive, uncomfortable lingerie.

But this last shopping trip threw me a real curve ball (Shame on you Vicky!)

Apparently Victoria's Secret has a new cut of panties called the "Cheeky"  & it looks like this...

(And yes...that's totally me modeling them)

According to their website the Cheeky cut is "A little panty with lots of cheek peek. More back coverage than a thong but less than a bikini. The perfect pick for when a little reveal is all you want "

What the What??

What they should have called this panty was the Creeper. Because that's all it does. Unlike a thong, this panty is sneaky. It will creep right up in your nether regions when you're not looking & because it's not meant to be there, you will pull it out. Over and over again. You will have the world's worst wedgie ALL DAY. Imagine a brief doing a thongs job all day. It's neither sexy or comfortable.

Unless of course you use some sticky double sided tape and glue it right onto your 'arse.

PS: Urban Dictionary defines "cheeky" as:

1. it is a word used to describe someone who does something or says something sort of disrespectful and sometimes rude, but says it in a cunning way. 2. can also be used in a more serious way i.e if you found out that one of your friends has been talking behind your back, you might say that she is a "cheeky bitch"

So the fact that this underwear looks all sweet and innocent but than when you aren't looking sneaks up your ass, makes it quite appropriately named....


Ali@LastSplash said...

TMI, but it also gives you a wicked camel toe.

Unpolished Parenting said...

Hahaha I only laugh because I got some of these Vicky's a few years ago and what an unpleasant surprise!