Monday, January 31, 2011

The week started off promising

In effort to drop a few pounds I went back to McFatty Mondays last week. My goal for the week was to work out for 30 minutes a day. I started out great and then fizzled, so after one week I actually gained a pound. BOOO! But entirely my own fault. (you'll understand when you read Sunday's progress)
Monday: My biggest worry most days is fitting in the exercise. Jack is iffy when it comes to naps. Some days he takes 2, other days not so much. In that precious hour or so a lot needs to go down. Especially if I have to work that night. Then I have to use the majority of nap time to shower and get ready. Luckily today was a good nap time. I managed to, load the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry and do 20 minutes of yoga. I always underestimate yoga, but it makes me sweat every time. On Demand has these great 10lbs Slim Down episodes this month and I am loving them. There are a few of them so I can mix it up everyday. I also decided that I need to hold off on blogging/tweeting/internetting until AFTER a sweat session. Most of the time I have been letting those things monopolize most of nap time. This has got me nowhere but 10 lbs heavier and a messy house. As Susan Powers would say: STOP THE MADNESS!!

Tuesday: 23 minutes of semi interrupted exercise. Did a upper body workout On Demand. Worked out with Jack for an additional 6 minutes. Lifting him up and down is a great workout. He laughs. I burn calories. I love a win/win situation.

Wednesday: Dusted off the treadmill-literally-and walked 1.5 miles! (took me about 23 mins) I rocked out to a great play list and-Bonus- realized I could tweet while I work out. I'm a multitasking genius.
Worked that night, so I figure walking all over the place in my shape up shoes counts towards my remaining minutes.

Thursday: This is where things get ugly... Nap time was a hot mess and after 3 failed attempts to work out-I call it.

Friday: I forgo working out for sleep since Kev got up with Jack and let me sleep in. I plan to work out before Kev goes to work, but he decides to take a nap after lunch. Jack decided naps were not necessary that day, so we danced to Yo Gabba Gabba while daddy slept. Not the workout I had envisioned, but at least it was something.

Saturday: I'm not even going to go there. At least I can say work was busy, which caused me to work up a little sweat.

Sunday: I was up sick all night and so working out was not even a thought in my mind. After I finally got some sleep I felt better. My mom took Jack for the night so Kevin and I could have a date night. We met up with some friends and went to a Japanese Steakhouse. I did my first (&probably only) Sake bomb and ate copious amounts of rice and noodles. I did manage to get a little cardio in that night, but I probably shouldn't elaborate how...

I'm sticking with my goal of getting 30 minutes of exercise a day. I know I can do it, I just need to work harder to make it more of a priority. I also need to work at eating better, especially on days that I cant fit in the full 30 minutes. Hopefully if I can accomplish that the scale goes down next Monday instead of up.

What are your weekly goals?? Link up with us at McFatty Mondays.