Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Social Media & Other Drugs

Blogging isn't just about writing. It's about reading. And over the course of the past year I have been lucky enough to stumble on some amazing women/writers that entertain and inspire me. Sometimes they even do both.
Enter Liz over at abellabeanandachicagodog. Her writing is honest and witty and real. And even though she seems to have hit the bigs in blog land she is still down to earth enough to answer my tweets which makes me love her even more. Right now she has a great post about Twitter being like 3rd base that you should read. Like Now. Just promise you'll come back here mmmmkay?? Cause she was the inspiration for this post...

Social networks are like the drugs of the world wide web.

Facebook is like pot. Or ganja, Mary Jane, weed, whatever you want to call it.

You are inundated with emails inviting you to join and so you finally give up and do it. Because all the cool kids are. And you sign on and create your profile and connect with a few friends. But soon you start to see how great it is so you use it more and more.
Before you know it you are up at 3am, eyes glazed over, playing Fast Money nomming on a box of Chicken in a Biscuit.

It's a gateway drug.
Soon you are looking for something stronger...

Enter Twitter.

Like heroin or any other stronger, more potent drug** the addiction is instant. There is no turning back. You are hooked. Next thing you know, you are pawning your jewelry to afford a smart phone just so you can Tweet every second of every day.

**all knowledge of said drugs are secondhand and mostly come from what I've read about Lindsay Lohan and Motley Crue

And like drugs, there are millions out there.
BlogFrog, MySpace, Linkedin, Friendster, Ning.
Pick your poison.

Me? A total addict.

I succumbed to the peer pressure long ago and I'm hooked. The only thing keeping me out of Dr Drew's rehab house is the fact that I'm not famous. (&the fact that 75% of the worlds population would be in rehab if this were an actual ailment)

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Liz said...

We have the sex comparison. We have the drug comparison. Now we need a rock n roll comparison???

Thank you for your incredibly kind words!!

Miel Abeille said...

I love the analogy! Liz is killer at spotting talented bloggers!

Gigi said...

Very cute!!!! and very true.

Liz Mays said...

I've managed to escape the grips of facebook, but I shoot up Twitter regularly!

Lynn MacDonald said...

Well...I've had sex and I've done plenty of drugs...I really like Twitter but to me, Facebook isn't in the same class as sex or drugs. Twitter can be addicting but this blogging crap is even more so, at least in my opinion.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Oh yeah, once you hit the heroin, you're a gonner.

So true, so true.