Monday, December 20, 2010

What a Dip!

I know I've been kind of lazy with Mom Friendly Meal Monday, but it's that time of year. Even though I was sure I was more prepared this year, I still find myself scrambling to cross things off my list. Also, Jack decided to drop his 2nd nap last week, so getting things done has become even harder.
I had wanted to write posts on great semi-homemade gift ideas and shout outs for things that I think make great gifts, and if I can somehow summon the free time I will. (But not tonight because I'll be glued to the TV...the Sing Off Finale is on and the Bears are playing Monday night football)
But until then I'm cheating this Monday and borrowing my recipes from my friend Dana's blog. She wrote a post all about Dips which is perfect if you are hosting a holiday shindig this week. I myself love dips and could easily eat a whole meal that consists purely of just dips. I hope you enjoy!

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Allan Hawkins said...

you have no idea how long I have waited for this book launch I have read a snippet I couldn’t wait for the actual book release thank God its finally here