Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010-A reflection

As far as years go I must say 2010 was a pretty good one and I'd like to end the year by summing up all the good times in this lovely list:

Top 10 moments of 2010
(in no particular order)

At the time this didn't even come close to qualifying as a top 10 for the year but now that our floor renovation is FINALLY complete I am loving the new look of our house. (I have a few more decorating finishing touches and then I'll post some pics!)

After almost 20 years of living with contacts and glasses I treated myself to Lasik in January and now have perfect vision! It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone!

*Mother's day
My 1st official mothers day was a wonderfully relaxing day with family. We went to a fantastic brunch and Kevin surprised me with a beautiful gift. A Levian Chocolate diamond ring!

Jack and Grandpa!
*Father's Day

I actually enjoyed Father's Day more than Mother's Day this year because we started a new family tradition that I hope continues for years to come. We spent the day with all our fathers at the Arlingtion Racetrack. It was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter, and some serious bets! We all bet big on a horse named Gentleman Jack and he won!!

*Turning 30!
I kissed my 20's goodbye and said hello to the big 30 with a fun filled night out with friends and family. We had dinner at my favorite pizza place Lou Malnati's and then continued on for a night of fun in downtown Naperville where shot's, bombs' and cocktail's were a plenty. My little brother tried to kill me with a Jameson bomb-which is not a real thing and I don't recommend and my bestie took some amazing (&some slightly embarrassing) pic's of the night, including the french fries I ordered to "settle my stomach"...

In May we went down to Riveria Maya to see our friends Cheryl and Bobby get married. Though being away from my 6 month old little boy was hard, it was nice to have a vacation and time away to ourselves.

*Jack's 1st Birthday!
The day didn't go exactly as I planned but we celebrated a wonderful year surrounded by family and friends!

Kevin and I were lucky enough to spend a wonderful night together to celebrate our past 5 year together.I hope they all are as sweet as this one was!

The whole year was filled with milestones and 1st's but watching my little boy take his first steps are a moment I won't soon forget.

*The Holidays and Jack giving kisses
My new favorite thing my son kisses if you ask for them. Sweet, snotty, sometimes open mouth kisses. (Sometimes you can also get a bonus head butt!)

With the year ending I am grateful for all it has brought me and I look forward to the promise and hope that 2011 brings. I'm not really into resolutions, because I haven't met one that I've kept past January but I like the idea that the new year brings a clean slate. So here are a few things I am "hoping" to do in 2011...

*Turn off the TV
We are TV people, not in the sense that we sit and watch it 24/7, but it is ALWAYS on in our house. Even if we are doing other things. This coming year I vow to turn it off more and focus on other things without the TV going in the background.

*Be healthy
I would say lose weight, but isn't that kind of cliche?? Ideally being healthy will lead me to this goal, so it's a win/win situation right?

*Blog more, but only if it feels right.
Ideally I'd be able to raise my son, keep a clean house and still have time to blog hop, and tweet, and write witty thoughtful posts. But this is not an ideal world and if this past year has taught me anything it is that the only one pressuring me to be a better blogger or have a better blog is me. So I've reconciled myself to the notion that I am not the next Perez and that there a bigillion other mommy blogger out there just like me. This year I am going to be happy with my blog no matter how many people read it, comment on it, or "like" it on Facebook.

What are your hopes for 2011?


Miss. C said...

What a great recap!!! Destination weddings are my favorite too!! We did that last year!!

R. Molder said...

I haven't been here for the entire year so that was a fun recap! Cheers to a great 2011!!!