Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday

I love, love, love, online shopping.
No crazy people stalking you down in the parking lot for your parking spot.
No rude people pushing their way thru the crowds.
No need to drag myself & the little man out in the cold.
No long lines or bags to hustle around...
You get the point.

Shopping online is way more painless. I can sip coffee and search for the best deal in my PJ's while the little man happily plays with his toys.

So since it's the eve of Cyber-Monday-the biggest ONLINE shopping day of the year- I thought I'd post a few online shopping tips for you.

Join Ebates

Like Right. This. Second.

Ebates is amazing because it's so easy. Shop 1000's of retailers through their site and you get anywhere from 2-20% cash back on all your purchases. If that wasn't easy enough, they also provide you with coupon codes so you don't have to check a million places for them. So far I have shopped 3 places, and I already have $36 dollars in cash back coming to me. All you do is shop the places you normally would and then every quarter they mail you a check for your cash back. Go to for more info or to sign up!

My biggest tip for using the site is to check it daily. Everyday there is a Deal of the Day and/or usually a site that is offering double cash back. On Friday I got 12% back from Shutterfly. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest deals too.

*Before you check out on any website Google the stores name and coupons. You can almost always find a code for free shipping or a % off your purchase. You can also check sites like for promotional codes.

*Online shopping is great because you can do price comparisons before you buy. Check out sites like or for the best deal on what you want.

*If the store you are buying from does site to store shipping, choose this option and save on shipping fee's.

*Really like something but aren't sure if you really want it?? Put it in your cart and leave it there for a few days. Some companies will send you an email or offer you a promo code when you go back for it.

*Always be aware of the stores return policy before you buy. Even big box and well know chain stores may have different policies for goods purchased online. Check before you buy!

Come back tomorrow for Mom Friendly Meals and some other goodies!!

Happy Shopping!!

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