Friday, October 15, 2010

Top 5 Fridays

Here are some things I've enjoyed this week...

1. Fresh Apple Cider from the Pumpkin Farm-we always pick up at least one gallon when we go. The Cider doughnuts there are also AMAZING. I wish I could have them for breakfast every morning, but my waistline is grateful I can't!

2.) Fall Decorations and Crafts: I've become mildly obsessed with craft blogs like this one from A girl and a Glue Gun. I've always been a crafty person I've just never really had a lot of extra time to dabble in it. But now thru these blogs I've found a lot of really cute things to make that aren't terribly time consuming. We don't have a lot of Halloween or Fall Decor so that's my focus right now. Next week I'll link up a post with the how-to's on some of these easy crafts!

3.) Tweetdeck: This application for desktop and the iPhone links up all your social networking in one place. What's even better is I can leave it running in the background and do other things online. It posts all updates in a little window in the corner that pops up when something has been added. This is nice because now I don't have to keep moving from screen to screen if I am talking to someone via Facebook or Twitter. I highly recommend it to anyone that uses multiple forms of social networking.

4.) Another tech-y thing that has been a saving grace this week.The Blog Booster app for the iPhone. I finally downloaded a blogging app to my iPhone. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner because it is awesome. Now I still prefer to do my blogging via my real computer, because looking at a tiny screen for too long gives me a headache, but this app is useful for those nights when I am in bed thinking about something I want to blog but I don't feel like going downstairs to do it. Or if something is wrong with a post and I need to fix it but I'm not at home. Best $2.99 I spent in a long time!

5.) All You magazine: I found this on a recent trip to Barnes and Noble and I love it! I am a magazine junkie and I love coupons and this magazine has both. Not only that but the coupons are good ones-usually $1 or so off popular products. I highly recommend it for you coupon clippers out there.

So what are some things that made your week a little better??


R. Molder said...

I might check out that blog booster app, I've found it really hard to blog through Safari and logging into my account, I'm constantly zooming and out to do stuff. Thanks for the tips!

Crystal said...

Here for the blog hop and now following. Hope you can visit me and follow me back!