Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Thursdays

Outside my window...garbage cans and recycling bins are flying around. It's still so windy out!
The time is...10 am

Today I feel...pretty good except for my allergies that are acting up

I am thinking..What else can I fit in during this naptime?

At the moment... I am thankful..I have Sunday off so I can take Jack trick or treating!

I am work tonight. Bartending! Hopefully it is a short shift and I make lots of money!

I am wearing..fuzzy slippers, shorts, and my UDA sweat shirt from High School -Amazingly enough it still fits perfect!

I wish... I could pay off more of my credit cards.

I am reading..The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

I am working the house

I am be out of work early tonight

I am hearing..the baby monitor.

I bet you didn't know...companies that make baby/children's products are surprisingly customer service friendly. The sound on our brand new monitor started going out a month ago. I called the company and they are sending us out a new one and a box to send back the broken one. No questions asked.

One of my favorite..things is cleaning and organizing the house. I don't get to do it often enough, but when I do it makes me happy!

Weekend plans:
Friday: Jacks one year pic's, lunch with Auntie Meg
Sat: Shopping for Jack's birthday present, Work at night!
Sunday: Watch some football and take Jack trick or treating!!

Hope you all have a great day! Stop on by Murdocks Mama and link up!


Murdock's mama said...

Yuk! Allergies are no fun...mine are acting up right now too! I think it's especially bad when you travel & the seasons are changing.
Isn't that book great? I just loved it. One of my favorites. I love to add a copy in the graduations gifts we give.
Thanks for linking up. Have fun Trick Or Treating this weekend with Jack!

Unknown said...

Bar-tending? that's great job. I love seeing a bartender throw bottles up high to make a drink. :)