Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I think I might be late to this party...

Because even though I consider myself a Twitter newbie, I actually joined a long time ago.

I created a profile, followed a bunch of people ( ie, celebrities and a few friends I found on twitter), and read what everyone else was Tweeting. But I hardly ever used it myself. Maybe to tweet a random thought here and there or tweet about a blog post, but that is the extent of my Twitter usage. Because when I saw all the @ symbols and what I now know are hashtags#... I was intimidated.
But I'm determined to master it and get over my Twitter-phobia.
Why you ask?
At first I only wanted to promote my blog and drive traffic to it. But then I started seeing all these posts on other blogs about Twitter hops and parties. I saw how other bloggers connected on Twitter. What great information was being exchanged via Tweets and I felt left out of the loop. Now I want in!
So I'm getting back on the Twitter horse. I updated my profile and I'm committing myself to at least 3 tweets a day to start out. I've also figured out how to link my Twitter and Facebook account which is good, because one of the things holding me back from Twitter was always this idea that I didn't want to have to check a million different social networking sights a day. Julia over at Work, Wife, Mom, Life wrote a great post with a lot of useful Twitter tips. I bookmarked it so I can reference it when I need to. And then my friend Patti was nice enough to email me a frew pointers too!

Tonight I've been a busy gal...spiffing up my blog and learning the in's and out's of Twitter. I added a button at the top of my blog or you can find me @Anngee2010 if you want to follow me. I also created a Facebook page to link to. I would love to link up with you all there!

And if anyone has any helpful Twitter tips please let me know!


Unpolished Parenting said...

I'm following you now! @d_unpolished

Kel said...

Thanks for swinging by Between the Lines! I'm now following you back and look forward to getting to know you better.