Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I hate that little piece of paper (WMW)

No offense to all of you out there with a college diploma, but I happen to hate that little piece of paper. And here is why...

I went to college. I earned good grades and enjoyed the college experience. But I couldn't for the life of me decide what I wanted to do with my life. I initially went to college become an English teacher, but then I enjoyed a psychology class so much I decided to change majors. Then I decided that I didn't like psychology as much as I thought I did, so I went back to teaching. Then to sociology. And then I went home.

Because college costs butt loads of money and I didn't see the sense of putting myself in debt for the rest of my life while I "found myself".

There are many people out there that told me that I should have just got a degree in whatever. They said most people don't even work in the field that they got their degree in.

And that's what really ticks me off.

Because in reality the only thing that matters about that little piece of paper is that you do, indeed, have one. It angers me because I know that I am more than qualified to do half the jobs out there. I'm not saying I want to preform brain surgery or try a supreme court case or anything, but there are millions of jobs out there that I know I am more than capable of excelling at. Unfortunately I wont even get a second look at my resume just because I didn't graduate from college.

Not to brag or anything but, I'm think I'm a pretty smart girl. Sure I have my blond moments and my punctuation isn't always up to par but I never fell below a 3.5 GPA in my 2 years of college. I like to think I have a good balance of book smarts and common sense. I by no means think I am better than anyone, nor do I mean to belittle the college institution.

But I see dumb people everyday that have college degrees. People that don't know the difference between "week " and "weak". (I'm feeling week) People that no doubt, partied their way thru college and just passed with enough credits to graduate. And it bothers me that people like that are deemed more qualified than me. That they get higher paying, better jobs. It bothers me that people will not even interview me and give me a chance simply because I didn't graduate.

I always hear employers out there say "it's hard to find good people out there" and I agree. As a manager at my previous job I said it all the time. Most people nowadays lack even the least bit of work ethic. They show off their little piece of paper and feel that they are entitled to the job they have because they went to college. Meanwhile there are millions of people out there, like me, who will go un-hired. People who don't take things for granted. People who believe that hard work and determination can sometimes out weigh a fancy education.

Sorry friends visiting from Working Mom Wednesday...I didn't mean to get all worked up! I guess the first prompt just struck a chord with me!

**In Un-related news**

This time last year I was waiting, wishing and hoping that I would go into labor. It was my due date. I wasn't sleeping due to the horrible heartburn I had from Jack's feet being nestled in my ribcage and I was just plain UNCOMFORTABLE. Little did I know, I had 11 more days to endure...

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Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Welcome to my world! :) I may not be a mom but I'm literally going through the same...and it bothers me. A lot. So this post could easily be written by me, too. And yeah, I'm feeling week?! Seriously? Don't they see that this is soooo wrong? Oh well. Weak looks so much better, doesn't it?! ;)

Have a fabulous day.

Unpolished Parenting said...

I can understand what you are saying because there are people with degrees who are not the brightest crayons in the box. From a HR perspective, when looking at resumes, people without high school diplomas will not get the time of day - GEDs are okay, but there is an assumption that if someone couldn't even make it through high school, then how can they commit to a job (not necessarily the case, just the assumption). That kind of bias may have transferred over to the college degree. Employers may see sticking through school and getting a diploma as hard work and dedication, not just a "smarter than" thing. I'm not saying I agree with that, but just pointing out assumptions that get made.

Unknown said...

D-I totally get where the bias comes in. At my last job I did hiring and I know that you need ways to whittle down the pile of applications you recieve. It's just frustrating becuase college unlike high school, isn't free. (If it was I probably would have had at least 2 degrees by now ;-)) And that is the thing I have the biggest problem with sometimes. If a higher education is such a qualification these days, then I think it should be more accessible to everyone!
PS: I hope you are enjoying today! Happy 1st year of Mommyhood!

Julia Ladewski said...

i know. it's so sad. a lot of people don't graduate from college for whatever reason... money, baby, life change, death in the fam, etc. but most times by the time they are older and wiser, they are smarter than most college grads.

i appreciate your honesty... and isn't the 1st birthday approaching soon??? eek!

Amanda said...

Oh my word, your college story sounds so much like mine! I'm just now going back after 10 years out of college, to get an associate's degree. So I will have spent 5 years chasing a 2 year degree...go figure! lol I hear people all the time say that they never went into the field they got their degree's a huge decision for an 18 or 19 year old to make.

Sarah said...

I agree with you. I ended up getting my degree but I squeaked by. That piece of paper is in no way indicative of my skills and talents. I don't feel that I really know anymore about my Marketing than most people even though I have a degree in it.

I'm curious to see if college degrees will carry the same weight in the near future as they do now with the economy as shaky as it. There are lots of kids who can't afford to go to school and those who do aren't guaranteed jobs anymore.