Saturday, October 23, 2010

File this post under "Things I do in my spare, spare time"

I love getting crafty.
In High School I was pretty kick ass in my art classes and I'd like to think of myself as a pretty creative person. But as I've gotten older and my responsibilities have grown, I find less and less time for turning my visions into anything more than well...visions.
Luckily my new found blogging hobby has lead me to some very cool crafting blogs that have inspired me to actually follow thru on some of my crafting. First on my list...Fall Decor.
We aren't big on decorating for holidays-except Christmas, and even that is a half assed attempt some years. But now that Jackson is here, we figure we should probably do more for holidays. So I wanted to find some things to make the house a little more "Fall-y". (We have a few Halloween decorations, but I prefer general Fall decor because you can leave it out longer!)
One of my new favorite craft blogs A Girl and A Glue Gun posted this Shout Out to other craft bloggers, and in it I found 2 projects that I completed in one night!!

Here are the pictures of what they are supposed to look like and then there are mine.

 For the How To's on these visit:


Mine aren't as full but I have another batch coming. I ran out of paper!

I blame poor lighting...this one looks just like the pros!
 If you want other great Fall/Halloween ideas visit

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