Thursday, September 16, 2010

Then Came Marriage part 1

So now that we're all up to speed on the Love part, let's get into the nitty gritty.
On the eve of my 5th Anniversary it's only fitting that we talk Marriage and the events leading up to it.

Kevin and I began talking about our future immediately. Kind of. I think in a weird way we were both in tuned to the relationship and where it was headed but decided against any formal discussions about it at the time. Instead we'd talk in hypotheticals.  Like, "I would love to honeymoon there" or "When we get married..." At the time we were living together and working together, so the sheer fact that we had not killed each other yet gave me confidence in our relationship. That and the fact that it seemed effortless. We truly enjoyed being together.
In 2002 we decided to move out of Kevin's parent's basement and into a place of our own. We didn't look long before we found our townhouse. A dream starter house. I was ok with getting a house before getting engaged because I knew eventually it would happen. We both did. It was our friends and family that were getting restless. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked us when we were getting married, I could have single-handily paid for our wedding. And Kevin, ever the jokester, like to fuel the fire by telling everyone that asked, "Why buy the milk, when you can get the milk for free." ( pay attention'll need to remember that part.)
In the next year we traveled, worked, had fun and were still content in our relationship and its status. And the summer of 2003, I landed an amazing job. Except that it meant spending the summer in NYC. I know some of you are thinking, "That's awesome, how could you not be psyched about that.", and I was for the most part. But at that point the thought of spending 3 months away from Kevin made my heart hurt. But I knew it was an amazing opportunity that would benefit us in the long run. So with a heavy heart I boarded a plane that July and flew 1000's of miles away. My first day in New York I cried for what felt like all day. And then when I thought I was done crying, I started unpacking my suitcase and found a framed picture of us in my suitcase with a card telling me how much he loved me and would miss me. Those 3 months felt like an eternity. Even with a few weekend visits here and there.
I came home in September, and when I did, things felt different. But in a good way. There was a sense of accomplishment that we survived our first major relationship hurdle. A new sense of appreciation for each other, a more mature love.
I found out later that while I was in NY, Kevin was busy doing some shopping. For a ring. That would eventually lead to a proposal.
But you are going to have to come back tomorrow for that story, because I love me a good cliffhanger!


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