Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trying to be inspired

I think I am in a blogging funk. This may be caused by several things. Like the fact that this is what my kitchen looks like:
We are about 95% done with the major part of this renovation-the flooring. But this last 5% is the real tough shit- pardon my French. I say that like I'm the one actually sweating over this whole shin-dig, but I'd like to think that living in a saw dust filled haze and having to live with everything up in arms for the past week and half entitles me to a certain amount of bitching.
Not that I'm bitching.
Truth is the progress is admirable when you factor in all the things keeping the dear husband from working on it. Like work, spending time with Jack and the usuals like eating and sleeping. I guess I do have to allow the guy some rest once and awhile right?
But I can only blame my saw dust induced funk on this renovation so much.  Other things contributing to my mind blockage:

Allergies- Fall is my favorite season but it is also the season I get the sickest. I have a mean allergy to Ragweed and this time of year always sends me into a tailspin of runny noses, itchy eyes and sneezing fits. As if that weren't bad enough, I am almost always lucky enough that these symptoms manifest themselves into a full blown sinus infection. And it's inevitable. I've taken OTC medications and seen allergy doctors to no avail. I've just learned to suffer thru...
Life as a part time SAHM** is kinda boring: Let's review my routine. Get up, feed Jack. Play with Jack. Put Jack down for a nap and try to cram in as much housework/blogging/eating/insertotherwantorneed here as possible. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Since I refuse to be one of those mommy bloggers that tells you what color my child's poop was today ( Brown- in case you were wondering) that doesn't leave much room for inspiring blog material. Me thinks I need a mommy group, or to make some more mommy friends so Jack and I can break loose and get out of our funk sometimes! **SAHM-means Stay at Home Mom for all you non bumper's out there.
The computer has been relocated: In the midst of rearranging and re-doing everything we decided to move the computer back downstairs. While I do like the fact that this a.) gives me more room in the living room and b.) makes for a nice little "office" area downstairs the downside is that it's not as convenient. I can't just hop on the computer while Jack quietly plays anymore. Mostly because he doesn't play so quietly anymore which brings me to...
My child eats everything in sight: Jack is teething...hardcore right now. And everything. EVERYTHING goes straight into his mouth these days. Case in point for all you non-facebook friends out there: Thursday we were driving home from Jack's 9 month appointment when I heard him coughing in the back seat. When I looked back at him he smiled at me, so I just assumed he was doing the whole I'm-coughing-to-get-mommy's-attention thing and we went on our merry way. Then we got home and I realized that the tiny band aid they put over where he got his shot was missing. After a quick search of his car seat and surroundings I came to the realization that there may have been more to his earlier coughing than I originally thought! So a typical day here is spent with me eyeballing every nook and cranny to make sure that there is nothing Jack with find and eat. And even though I do this vigilantly he sometimes still manages to find something. Sigh

So here you have it. Somehow I got inspired by being uninspired.
Go figure.

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