Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday and some Must Have's

These past few weeks have been busy. Between work, finishing the house projects, and other obligations it's been hard to squeeze in relaxation somewhere. Other than enjoying the company of my husband and baby boy, these are some things I'm enjoying these days:

OPI for Sephora: Read my Palm- I'm like a kid in a candy store in Sephora and I stumbled across this lovely shade of nail polish on a recent trip. Kevin always complains that I wear too dark of shades, so I decided to give this green hue a try. So likey!! ( it's the second one from the left!)
Angry Birds iPhone App: This little game has been such a stress reliever these days. The concept it that you launch your "angry birds" and break stuff in order to kill what I think are supposed to be pigs or something. I think I am somewhat addicted has kept me up way past my bedtime these past few nights!!

My Scentsy: My sister in law gave this to me for my birthday and I finally just took it out of the box and plugged it in. Instant LOVE!! I love Yankee Candle's but IMO Scentsy is way better. If you aren't familiar with them they sell wax burners that are powered by light bulbs rather than votive candles. So they are safe to leave burning at night or while you are out. And they smell amazing. I plugged mine in our up stairs bathroom and it carried the scent thru the whole house!! Beach is my favorite scent by far, but they have a lot of other good ones. My sister in law loved it so much she started selling them. Check out her boutique at:

Covert Affairs: There isn't a lot of good TV shows on during the summer which is a good thing because there is way to much to do. But I just found a show on USA that really intrigues me. I am a sucker for Crime/Spy/Suspense shows and this one is a pretty good one. Piper Perabo plays a CIA agent plucked out of training because of her superior skills. It also stars Chris Gorham who previously played Henry on Ugly Betty. Yummy!! Not a bad hour of TV if you ask me!
and last but not least...

Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine: You may have heard this song in the preview of  Eat Pray Love or in a few other commercials but this song is my new favorite way to unwind. The video is a little strange, but the song is good nonetheless.

So there it is! Good news is the paint it dry and phase one is complete. Once the transformation is fully completed I'll post some pictures!!

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