Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First comes Love

Its funny and a little coincidental that one of Working Mom Wednesday's inspiration topics is birth stories because I had already started a draft on a path to that story. But I feel as though that's not really the type of story you can just jump into, so that's why this is a 3 part post. To give you a little back story before I tell you the in's and out's (literally) of my uterus.

Growing up I was always on the hunt for love. I was a boy crazy tween, crushing on Kirk Cameron and plastering my walls with the latest Bop pictures of New Kids on the Block. I was always looking for love and as I grew from High school to college I always was searching out that perfect relationship. You know, the relationships you see on TV or in the movies-the kinds of relationships that never really exist. Then one day I realized that you can't wait to follow someone elses love have to write your own. So this is mine.

I take you back to 2001...
If only I had that body again...but I digress...
Back in 2001 I was a bit of a wild child. Not to the extreme of  Lindsey Lohan or anything, but I was still stumbling to figure out who I was and where I was going. I had just decided to take a break from college, had a volatile relationship with my mother and was kinda flying by the seat of my pants. Looking back, I guess you could say I was "sowing my wild oats", though I  am pretty sure that other people might have some other choice words for my actions at that time.

As far as my love life was concerned, well it was pretty much as complicated as you'd expect any 20-somethings love life to be. There was an ex turned friend with benefits and a boyfriend. And at one time, as ashamed as I am to admit it, the timing on those two relationships may have overlapped. (like I said...I was sowing oats, ok) I am not proud to admit it, but 2001 was a rough year for me. I had just experienced the death of 2 close friends and had a rocky relationship with my family at the time. That summer, all I wanted was to have fun and let go a little.
When I met my husband we had no interest in each other whatsoever. At least not in "that" way. We were in totally different places in our lives at the time. Kevin was out of college starting a career in restaurant management and I was a free spirited newly turned 21 year old with a boyfriend that was just looking to go out and have fun. We worked together-yes, he was my boss-for 3 months before we even talked outside of work.  But the summer of 2001 my boyfriend and I began to grow apart. His idea of a fun Friday night was dinner and a movie, which was ok the first 3.5 months of our relationship, but  it got old real fast. Plus the fact that we were opposites was becoming more and more clear by the minute. He was a soft spoken, play it safe, straight edge kind of guy. He didn't drink, smoke or stay up past 9 o'clock. And for as much of a nice guy he was, in retrospect I wonder how we managed to last as long as we did. Truthfully, he bored me. I worked hard and wanted to play hard when I got off work. I wanted to stay up late and drink and dance and go out and meet people and have fun. So as the summer wore on that's what I did. Boyfriend stayed home and I went out with people from work. He was ok with it, so so was I.

Pretty soon a tight little work group formed and we had a routine. Work. Out for drinks and Golden Tee. Out to see a band play. Out to close up the 5 am bar. Walk to Laura's house. Sleepover.  And as the summer wore on Kevin and I become better and better friends. Yet still, I didn't really see anything beyond that.

A typical night out!!
Then, as the summer neared its end, I started to see it. Suddenly I found myself wanting to see him more and more. I had decided to go back to school in the fall, and as my move back there drew closer I began to regret my decision. It was crazy and at the time I still didn't fully grasp it, but I now realize that was when I was starting to fall in love.
Neither of us had yet to acknowledge any feelings for each other when we all went out one night the weekend before I left for school. Kevin and I were back at Laura's settling in for the night. I usually slept in the couch and he, ever the gentleman, slept on the floor. But that particular night I was feeling a little uninhibited and asked if he wanted to share the couch with me. And he did. And then in the bustling of making room for him it just happened. Our lips met and we shared our first kiss. But this kiss was unlike any other I had ever felt. There were fireworks and butterfly's and it just felt right.  It felt bigger than the two of us. Like the stars had all aligned and this was meant to be. Kevin and I stayed up all night talking and he told me how his attraction to me had been building and building too. We both shared how we were starting to have feelings for each other but didn't know what to make of them.  I suddenly began to feel that all that time, fate was leading up to this moment.
The next day I met up with my boyfriend and broke up with him.

Thus began sort of a whirlwind. Things with Kevin moved very fast. We did the long distance thing for a few months while I was at school and when I was done, I moved in with him. People always say "when you meet the ONE, you just know" and I finally knew what that meant. It was crazy because when we started dating we really knew very little about each other. I felt impulsive. But I also felt right. My heart felt at home, and I had this over powering sense that I finally found the direction in which I was supposed to go. For the first time in my life I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be.

So where does your love story begin?? How did you find "the One"??

And stayed tuned for Part 2: Then came marriage. Coming soon!!


Julia Ladewski said...

can't wait to hear the rest!!! ;)

Betsy said...

You have me hooked so far!

Jen Stoller said...

Loved the story post part 2!!!!

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